Senator CunninghamSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Bill Cunningham supported a new law that aims to reduce catalytic converter thefts.

“This is a smart way to combat rising catalytic converter thefts,” said Cunningham, a Democrat who represents portions of Chicago and the Southwest Suburbs. “This law prevents handshake cash deals on these converters, which will reduce the monetary motive to commit this crime.”

The law, filed under House Bill 107, adds catalytic converters to the definition of recyclable metal, requiring businesses to keep record on catalytic converter sales. The license plate number of the vehicle, photographs or video of the seller, a verified name and address of the seller, and a signed declaration by the seller stating that the catalytic converter was not stolen is now required.

In addition, the measure prohibits a recyclable metal dealer from purchasing a catalytic converter with a value over $100 with cash.

House Bill 107 is effective immediately.